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Radiant Shadows - Melissa Marr Overall, Radiant Shadows is another fantastic novel and one everyone needs to head to the stores to get when it comes out April 20th. It has characters that we have met before and get to love even more, a plot that finalizes a few things and creates even more situations that will be fun to read about later and it’s Marr’s Wicked world. Who could ask for anything better to read? I do feel like I should mention that while Aislinn and Keenan were not anywhere to be found, it was given away that something was going on in the Summer Court, but we’ll probably see what in the fifth novel. Regardless, the actions of Radiant Shadows will definitely have an impact on all the faeries courts and I can’t wait to see what the reactions from all the sides will be. I can tell you this, there is one reaction I am dying to see and something tells me it is not going to be pretty. *grin*For my full review, please click here.