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Dragon Keeper (Rain Wilds Chronicles, #1) - Robin Hobb Overall, I really enjoyed Dragon Keeper. I’ve re-written this review a couple of times because I keep wanting to tell you about all the things that go on, but I really don’t want to spoil anything. One of the best parts of Dragon Keeper is getting to explore all the different events and areas within the Rain Wilds. There is a lot of detail, but little info-dumping and the world is very rich and vibrant with life. There were times I cried, laughed and raged right along with the characters (of course, this could be due to my hormones, but still). Not only are the characters engaging, but the world is very much one I would love to explore on my own. If you’re a fan of fantasy, then you’re going to get sucked into Dragon Keeper and won’t want to put it down.For my full review, please click here.