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Hex Appeal - Linda Wisdom I am loving this series and I can’t wait to start Wicked by Any Other Name (yes, I did get my hot little hands on the ARC). The Hex series by Linda Wisdom is a great series to read when you want the supernatural, when you want something big to go down, but you don’t want all the drama. When Jazz confronts the Big Bad, it’s not a long drawn out battle, but she does it in the most logical witchy way she can. Honestly, I’ve been needing something like this series lately. I’ve been wanting my paranormal fix, but I didn’t want the intense, twisty, drama inducing stories that are normally out there (even the comedies tend to have drama) and this series has been a godsend. Seriously, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to pick this up and anyone who hasn’t should go out and read the first two novels before Wicked by Any Other Name comes out March 3, 2009.For my full review, click here.