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Afterlife - Merrie Destefano I hate to say it, while Afterlife may be a great novel, and I’ve been seeing some great reviews, I just can’t read it. The whole premise of the story is that people get a second chance at life. Not just a second, but up to nine lives total. Once you die, you get to go back and do it over again as someone else. The premise still sounds fantastic and I am still intrigued to see how it is, I’m just going to have to wait. Honestly, the idea that the characters maintain some of their memories is a great idea. I’ve always wondered if resurrection is what we have waiting for us. If it is, I would love to maintain some of my memories – just not all of them.But when you really think about it…and the reason I’m writing this and not just waiting until I can read the whole novel…isn’t that what everyone wants from a story? An emotional reaction, not just to the characters, but to the story itself? I may have had it early on, but it’s there. So read all of my thoughts (because I'll be doing an actual review later), click here