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Grimm Tidings (Grimm's Circle, #6) - Shiloh Walker Grimm Tidings is another fabulous story by Shiloh Walker and is a great addition to the Grimm Circle series. The fairy tale this time around, or a classic if will, was a story I'm familiar with and has been told in various forms, but I really loved seeing this other side. I'm not going to tell you want the story is because honestly that's half the fun. I love trying to figure out which story was used and I can't wait to see what Walker has in store for us with the eighth novel, Blind Destiny. If you haven't read Grimm Tidings or any Grimm Circle novel, you really should.While Grimm Tidings is the sixth/seventh book in a series, you do not need to read the previous novels in order to enjoy it. However that does not stop me from telling you to go out and get the previous books because they are just as fantastic as Grimm Tidings. What I'm saying is, pretend you have to read them because you won't regret it. *grin*My full review can be seen on Literary Escapism.