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Blind Destiny - Shiloh Walker I have to admit that Blind Destiny probably isn't my favorite Grimm Circle novel, but I don't dislike it either. There's always one book in a series that has to be a dud and I'm thinking it's this one. Again, I didn't dislike the story. In fact, the actual story was fabulous. It was engaging and kept moving. It brought Luc and Sina together in a variety of different ways and it played to their strengths. We're even introduced to a new character (that I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of later) and we get to see a side to Will that I can't wait to explore. The chemistry and action are all there - Walker doesn't disappoint with that. I just didn't like Sina or her backstory.I'll be posting my full review at Literary Escapism in the next day or two.