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Time Warp Trio: The High and the Flighty (I Can Read Book 3) - Jon Scieszka;Catherine Hapka;Lisa Rao The High and the Flighty is part of the Time Warp Trio series and is a really fast paced book that not only involves a science fiction angle (the girls are from the 22nd Century), but uses time travel as a way of exploring history - in a way. I have not read any of the other books in the series, and I didn't know this was based on a television series, but while the three girls do time travel back to see a significant event in history, I kind of wish Scieszka used it more than just a backdrop for the story. This may just be the case for The High and the Flighty since the historical event is Amelia Earhart, and her plane the Electra, and not a lot is known; but the event is really only mentioned once while the girls spend the rest of the time trying to find their book and speculate on why she was never found. I can see how that might make it a little harder to focus a story around, but I really like the concept and I'm interested enough to check out another book to see if more of the history is involved. I also have to say, I like that the three time travelers are girls and they weren't there as a status quo requirement. That's not something you see in a lot of adult science fiction.