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Twice Dead (Novels of Haven Series #2)

Twice Dead - Kalayna Price Overall, Twice Bitten wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t call it a great read, but it was a good book to have continually open. It took me a bit (about a month actually) to read, but whenever I picked it up, I was able to get right back into the action. Enough of the story would come back to me that I didn’t feel lost or feel the need to re-read a few pages to get a sense of where I was in the story. Thinking about this, I would say that the story does have a memorable feel to it, just not a captivating one. If that makes sense. So while I’m not saying rush out to get a copy of Twice Bitten, I would definitely say to give it a chance when you’re looking for something.For my full review, click here.