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Damien (Nightwalkers Series #4)

Damien - Jacquelyn Frank I truly enjoyed this novel and it wasn't a mistake buying it as soon as I saw that it was released. It's definitely lived up to the previous three novel's expectations and it even delivered in an area I never really thought of. Of all the vampire novels I have read, none of them ever come across as resembling close to the Stoker model. Dracula is the ultimate bad boy vampire and Frank gives a lot of these same characteristics to Damien. The transformation, the smoke & mirrors, the telepathy...it's all reminiscent of the Count. The similarities between Dracula and Damien actually made for a nice change of pace where vampires are concerned.Damien was great and I can't wait for Noah to come out in a couple of months. This is definitely a series worth the time and effort it would take to read them.To read my full review, click here.