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Dates from Hell

Dates from Hell - In Kim Harrison’s In Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil, we find that ivy has not always been as confidant as we thought she was and that she has had to work to stay in control. I, for one, cannot wait to see how Harrison continues to develop Ivy’s character and her twisted fate.I was amused with the second novella within the new Dates from Hell anthology. This was the first time I had read anything by Lynsay Sands and I think I will pick something else up.In Kelley Armstrong’s contribution, the story revolves around Karl Marsten. I enjoyed reading about Marsten. I’ve come across him a couple of times, and while he was the bad guy, he was never evil-bad. Lori Handeland’s Dead Man Dating - I am having a hard time reviewing as nothing about the story is sticking with me, contrary to the other novellas in this anthology.For my full review, click here.