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Blood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 16)

Blood Noir - Laurell K. Hamilton the novel was just as exciting and amazing as Hamilton’s previous novels. We still have the eroticism that came with the ardeur, but it’s not as overblown as when it first arrived. Anita has learned more control and it shows in her interactions with everyone. We’re given more plot and more conflicts, but without all of the sexual overtures that have been prevalent in the past. Well, Jason is still Jason, so we don’t get as much sex as we do flirting and teasing. Blood Noir had a different feeling, but it was a good feeling and so worth the read. I don’t usually buy the hardcovers since I have all the other novels in paperback, but since I’m going to see her next week, I wanted to read the story. I have to say, I don’t regret buying it now. I’ll be able to go back and reread it again and again. Hamilton is getting back to some great story telling without the sex and anyone who doesn’t want to read this novel is crazy.To read my full review, click here